About Us

I have always had a great love for vibrant colours, fun and dynamic designs, and of course the little balls of joy we know as beads. My love of beads extended to my dog, Max, when I found a company called You, Me & The Dogs, out of Saint John, New Brunswick, that specialized in custom silicone beaded collars. Max’s first collar from You, Me & The Dogs was designed with what are now The Beaded Monkey company colours: royal blue, emerald green and mimosa. This collar was eventually named “The Max” and was listed for sale on the You, Me & The Dogs website. For every new collar I purchased, there were several new designs floating around in my head. Had I ordered everything I had envisioned, Max would have a beaded collar for every outfit and occasion and I would have exceedingly less money and space; though, exceedingly more joy, which may have made it all well worth it.

You, Me & The Dogs had quickly become one of my favourite companies in the Canadian pet industry, so you can only imagine my devastation when I found out they were closing shop in January 2020. It became a challenge for them to grow their business while simultaneously maintaining their full time jobs and finding time to enjoy life. As I was writing a message to them, expressing my heartache, I couldn’t help but think, “What if...” What if this is something I could do? What if I could have my own business? What if I could create my own designs? What if I could sell my own beaded collars? And so, with the love and support of You, Me & The Dogs, The Beaded Monkey was born on some what ifs and some colourful beads.

It occurred to me that I didn’t necessarily have to follow directly in the footsteps of You, Me & The Dogs and use silicone beads for the products but, after doing some research, silicone beads make the most sense for both dog and human use. All beads used for our products are sourced in Canada and made solely of premium silicone. They are odourless and non-toxic, as well as bpa, phthalates, lead, PVC, latex, metal, and cadmium free. In fact, silicone beads are otherwise known as teething beads, which gave me the idea  to open the collections to include matching bracelets for adults and children. I also decided on bracelets so all those humans like me, who only wish they could be as trendy as their canine companions, now can be.

We’ve teamed up with some incredible companies to create collections that I not only think you’ll love, but also match their apparel: Ruff Stitched (and sister company Littles by Jules), Sweetie B Petwear, and Wag Swag Brand. And it’s my goal to partner with even more amazing companies for future collections. We’ve had so much love and support in starting this business, it’s been overwhelming. We cannot wait to see these designs on dogs and humans alike!

Hopefully these accessories bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me and my little monkey, Max.


Tracy Lynne Cann  I Beader & Leader

The Beaded Monkey Inc.