Slip On vs. Martingale

Our slip on and martingale collars are built to be as such… as collars. Both can be worn as a fashionable yet functional accessory, in that you can attach a leash to the collar and walk your dog. To answer any questions you may have as to which style is more suitable for your pup, here are the main differences:



The slip on collar is built to tightly fit over the dog’s head and should sit looser on the neck. It is not suggested for dogs whose neck measurement exceeds their head measurement as there is an increased risk of the dog slipping out of the collar while walking. The slip on collar is suggested for the “tame little monkey” who walks with ease, without a lot of pulling.



The martingale collar is built to the dog’s neck measurement with a chain which allows the collar to slip over the head. When the chain is pulled, the collar will contract to the neck measurement and no further. It is what is commonly referred to as the humane choke chain and was originally designed for sighthounds whose heads are smaller than their bodies and often slip out of standard collars. It is recommended for dogs whose neck measurement exceeds their head measurement and, as there is more control with less chance of choking, it is suggested for the “wild little monkeys” who pull when out for walks.



Dogs should be supervised when wearing either style of collar, as with all standard and martingale collars. A heavier tag may need to be added to weigh down the chain of the martingale collar when wearing it without a leash.